Elastin and collagen fade away over the years, and the skin becomes more loose and dull, ending up looking older and tired. When this happens, you naturally want the youthful tightness back, and aesthetic medicine specialists are there to offer a solution. The good news for everyone who wants to avoid surgical procedures on their path back to a refreshed face – biodegradable threads treatment has proved to achieve excellent results so much so that it is also known as knifeless lifting.
Meso thread lifting is a procedure that uses biodegradable fibers to achieve a lifting effect, rejuvenate and tighten the skin. This non-surgical facelift has earned the trust of clients all over the world due to its exceptional efficiency and long-lasting results – the skin becomes tighter and firmer and the wrinkles significantly less pronounced. Thread lift preserves natural facial mimicry, so there’s no fear of your face looking artificial.
Thread lift treatment is an entirely natural non-surgical method, which promotes the synthesis of new collagen in the skin. The materials used in the procedure are the same ones used for heart surgery, which confirms the absolute safety of threads. Threads are introduced under the skin with very thin needles, where they activate regenerative processes and stimulate the forming of new collagen, improve microcirculation and provide increased nutrients supply. The result? Tightened skin, lifted face and neck structures, younger and fresher appearance!
Meso threads are used for skin tightening and facial shaping, and are exceptionally effective in reducing:
• forehead wrinkles
• wrinkles between eyebrows
• wrinkles in the corners of the lips
• wrinkles around the eyes
• nasolabial wrinkles
• “smoker’s” wrinkles
If your goal is rejuvenated, lifted and tightened skin, softened wrinkles and preserved mimicry, schedule a free consultation with our doctors!


During a consultation with the patient, the physician determines the placement and number of threads needed to achieve optimal results. The procedure starts with the application of an anesthetic cream. After the anesthetic has started acting, threads are introduced under the skin with very thin needles. Threads decompose entirely in about 6 months.

Threads are made of polydioxanone, a material that has been used in cardiac surgery for 2 decades. It doesn’t cause allergic reactions and it completely decomposes within 6 months. Material safety is clearly indicated by the fact that it is used in heart surgery.

Thread lift is neither painful nor uncomfortable, but mild sensitivity can be expected in some areas.

Thread lift is a minimally invasive procedure that leaves no cuts or scars, and it doesn’t require a long recovery period. You can go back to your daily routine the next day. When more threads are used, you can expect mild swelling and bruising. They will fade away after a few days.

The first results are noticeable immediately after the procedure, while the full effect is reached after 3 months, the period required to create new collagen.

One treatment is sufficient for one region of the face. Depending on age and skin type, the average duration of the results is between 15 and 20 months.


Thread lift is an ideal solution for people who want to restore the freshness of the face, retain their natural appearance, and avoid surgical face lifting, fillers or Botox. It is recommended for people aged 35-65. Thread lift gives ideal results in patients whose skin is not too loose yet. The bonus of the treatment is that it completely preserves the natural appearance of the face and facial expressions.
Thread lift is an excellent choice for people who need eyebrow lifting, deeper nasolabial wrinkles correction, eye wrinkles and “smoker’s” wrinkles. Threads also efficiently reduce wrinkles in the corners of the lips, and shape lower jaw. The procedure is the perfect solution for people with excess loose skin that causes a dangling chin.
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