Mesotherapy is a non-surgical medical method of introducing active ingredients in very small doses into the middle layer of the skin, in order to achieve a cosmetic or medicinal effect. The technique was developed by the French doctor Dr. Michel Pistor in 1952, and in 1987 the French Academy of Medical Sciences recognized mesotherapy as a specialization in traditional medicine, with applications in dermatology, gynecology, neurology and aesthetic medicine.

Why is mesotherapy more efficient than classic skincare products? Only a very small amount of active ingredients from products used in daily skin care can pass through the skin. Only 5-7% of the total amount of the product penetrates into the deeper layers, which is not enough for in-depth skin renewal. Mesotherapy offers a simple solution for this problem – a needle. In mesotherapy, the injection specialist pierces the keratin layer of the skin and introduces products to a specific depth where active ingredients will be optimally used.

In its use within aesthetic medicine, mesotherapy treats various skin problems, most commonly those resulting from aging, stress or unhealthy lifestyle (wrinkles, loose, dehydrated and dull facial, neck and décolletage skin).

Hyaluronic acid, vitamins, collagen or Q10 cocktails are applied to the mesodermal (middle) layer of the skin. The combination of meso cocktails is determined according to the individual needs of each patient, desired results and skin condition.

Best results – revitalized, refreshed, tighter and younger-looking skin– require several treatments.

For people who want to avoid needles, there is an equally efficient alternative to classic mesotherapy – no needle mesotherapy, in which cocktails are “injected” using electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetic pulses cause the pores to open for several milliseconds allowing the active ingredients to penetrates into the skin. A computer analyzer evaluates the condition of the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous adipose tissue and calculates the amount of active ingredients required.

Mesotherapy is safe and efficient, with visible results after the first treatment.


Use of aspirin, non-steroidal anti-analgesics, and vitamin C is not recommended for one week before treatment, in order to reduce the risk of bleeding and bruising.

During the free pre-treatment consultations, a specialist physician at 4 Face & Body thoroughly analyzes the client’s skin condition and decides on the composition and quantity of meso cocktail that will be administered. The treatment is entirely individual, and the cocktail injected under the skin is tailored to each client.

Mesotherapy is a safe, non-invasive method that has been continuously refined over the decades and is one of the most popular skin regeneration treatments in the world.

Needles used in the procedure are very thin.

The treatment is non-invasive, completely safe and almost painless, since a topical anesthetic is used before the application of meso cocktails. After the treatment, it is possible to notice some redness, and – very rarely – minor swelling at injections points. Both will disappear after a few hours.

Allergic reactions are extremely rare. If you experience them, contact your doctor immediately.

With most clients, it is possible to return to daily activities immediately after the treatment.

After the treatment patients should avoid direct sun exposure, as well as artificial UV sources, such as tanning beds.

The highest risk in mesotherapy is posed by non-professionals using products of questionable quality. Therefore, the first and basic advice is to get thoroughly informed about the doctors who will do the procedure.

At 4 Face & Body, mesotherapy is done by highly qualified specialists, with impeccable knowledge of facial anatomy, who have undergone professional training by a certified manufacturer.

When you opt for mesotherapy performed by specialist physicians who use meso cocktails made from quality materials by certified manufacturers, depending on the problem treated, the effects last for 12-18 months.


The general advice is to start mesotherapy as early as your late twenties, to prevent the onset of signs of aging. Of course, it’s never too late for this ‘youth serum’ because mesotherapy will always, at any age, be efficient in regenerating your skin.

Mesotherapy gives excellent results in people who have signs of photoaging, people with dry and dull skin, as well as those with mature skin.

Ideal candidate is anyone who wants to:

• restore the skin’s tone and elasticity (face, neck, décolletage, hands)
• delay the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines or soften existing ones
• get rid of undereye circles and bags and tired-looking skin
• restore skin glow and radiance
• deeply hydrate the skin

As a general rule, we do not perform mesotherapy on:

• pregnant and breastfeeding women
• persons suffering from autoimmune diseases
• persons with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis
• people who have active herpes or other contagious skin diseases

Mezoterapija je medicinska metoda
kozmetološke usluge
Mezoterapija je bezbedna i efikasna
mezoterapija uvek
Mezoterapija daje odlične rezultate




Skintech: face, neck and décolletage


Filorga-mesotherapy: face and neck


Capillary and hyperpigmentation removal: full face and neck


Body mesotherapy-lipolysis: stomach

from 4.000

Botox - Allergan, Dysport


Croma: Augmentation - wrinkles, cheeks

180 €/ml

PRP - stem cell therapy + Vitamin infusions

200 €

Full face and neck


Filorga - chemical peel: face and neck


Filorga peel + Meso + Cryo lift "3 in 1": face and neck


Needleless cryo-lift mesotherapy: face and neck


Body mesotherapy-lipolysis: thighs

from 5.000

Jalupro: face, neck and décolletage

130 €/ml

Allergan: Lips, under-eye bags

220 €