A chemical peel removes a number of skin layers, thus promoting the natural renewal of collagen and elastin in the skin, resulting in cleaner and healthier skin. This method treats a wide range of conditions, from acne and acne scars, solar keratoses and wrinkles, to the correction of photo-damage traces on face, neck and décolletage.

Chemical peel is an extremely delicate medical method since, as its name suggests, the skin is treated with acids. This is why choosing a doctor to perform the procedure is crucial. Obtaining the expected and desired rejuvenation effect, without irritation and unwanted side-effects is possible only in the hands of highly trained therapists.

Depending on the skin type, indications and type of exfoliation, chemical peels are most commonly done in a series of several treatments in 7-14 days intervals.

Chemical peel can be:

• surface peel – active substances act inside the epidermis
• medium-depth peel – active substances reach the dermo-epidermal border
• deep peel – active substances penetrate the deepest layers of skin

At 4 Face & Body, we use Skintech and Filorga peels to guarantee maximum performance.

Reliable results, simple procedure and minimal side effects are the reason why chemical peels have been among the most popular aesthetic treatments worldwide for years!


The first and most important step when deciding on a chemical peel is to carefully choose who will do the procedure. In the wrong hands, chemical peels and similar facial treatments can cause very harmful effects on the skin.
During a free consultation, a specialist at the 4 Face & Body Center will perform an examination and decide on a chemical cocktail and peeling depth depending on the type, condition and problems of your skin. We will also inform you of any steps you may need to take before the treatment, such as specific skincare or other preparative measures.

Each chemical peel begins with a preparatory phase in which the first layer of lotion is applied, in order to relax the skin and prepare it for the action of acids. Eyes, lips and birthmarks are covered with a protective cream.

The peel is applied to the face with a brush. The next step is a neutralizer, which inhibits further action of the acids. After a few minutes, the neutralizer is rinsed off, a mask is applied to the face, followed by an appropriate cream.

No. Due to the advancement of modern technologies, acids used in chemical peels do not cause pain.

Depending on the type and depth of chemical peeling, you can expect redness, which calms down relatively quickly.

Further peeling of the skin is possible over the next few days. During this period, it is necessary to use home care products which will be prescribed by a doctor. When the skin begins to peel, don’t remove it from your face by yourself to “speed up the process” – this can lead to a later appearance of spots in these areas.

Avoid sun exposure after the chemical peel, until the redness goes away, as it can result in post-inflammatory hyperpigmentations.

Use high SPF when outdoors.

It is essential that you strictly adhere to doctor’s recommendations.

The full effect of chemical peel – improved and refreshed skin – is achieved gradually. Progress is noted daily, and the final result is visible a few weeks after the final treatment.

Treatment is not recommended to:

• pregnant and breastfeeding women
• people with viral infections (e.g., Herpes Simplex)
• people with immune diseases (systemic lupus, scleroderma)
• persons who have undergone surgery, radiation or laser treatment in the area of desired peeling in the previous 6 months
• if you are on Roaccutane therapy, a chemical peel can be done 6 months after you stop taking the medicine


Chemical peels are suitable for all contraindications-free adults (e.g., infection wounds, atopic dermatitis, etc.). Chemical peels are an excellent option for anyone who wants to remove fine lines, solve the problem of minor pigmentation disorders, or improve the texture of their skin.

During a free consultation, specialists at the 4 Face & Body Center will decide on the type of peel that will give optimal results on your skin, according to the problem you want to address, skin type and condition.

ožiljak posle tretmana




Skintech: face, neck and décolletage


Filorga-mesotherapy: face and neck


Capillary and hyperpigmentation removal: full face and neck


Body mesotherapy-lipolysis: stomach

from 4.000

Botox - Allergan, Dysport


Croma: Augmentation - wrinkles, cheeks

180 €/ml

PRP - stem cell therapy + Vitamin infusions

200 €

Full face and neck


Filorga - chemical peel: face and neck


Filorga peel + Meso + Cryo lift "3 in 1": face and neck


Needleless cryo-lift mesotherapy: face and neck


Body mesotherapy-lipolysis: thighs

from 5.000

Jalupro: face, neck and décolletage

130 €/ml

Allergan: Lips, under-eye bags

220 €