Botox is a natural purified protein that has been used in neurology and ophthalmology for more than three decades. In aesthetic medicine, in preventative application, it slows down the appearance of wrinkles. In patients with visible signs of aging, it is the most efficient “eraser” of forehead and eye area wrinkles.

Dynamic wrinkles are the result of facial muscle movement. When injected into these muscles, it blocks nerve signals, preventing their further contraction. In this way, wrinkles are prevented and existing ones are softened.

Best results are achieved in the removal/softening of:

• horizontal forehead wrinkles
• vertical forehead wrinkles
• tiny wrinkles around the eyes
• wrinkles on the nose and around the nose
• wrinkles between eyebrows
• wrinkles on the neck
• wrinkles above the upper lip

It also gives excellent results in subtle lifting or correcting the asymmetry of the eyebrows and eyelids and, in the case of preventive use, the prevention of deep wrinkles.

It is most commonly used in patients between 30 and 65 years of age.

This safe and painless procedure can only be performed by a doctor with experience and excellent knowledge of facial anatomy.


During the examination, the physician thoroughly examines the layout and structure of the facial muscles to decide where to inject the product. Muscle layout can vary significantly from person to person, which is a fact that some under-educated physicians overlook. This can lead to unsatisfactory results.

The application of the product involves only a few injections. While this may seem like a relatively simple procedure, it can only be done correctly by a physician with experience and supreme knowledge of facial anatomy.

The face is first thoroughly cleansed, followed by the application of an anesthetic cream. Using a very thin needle, the product is then injected into the muscles whose activity produces wrinkles. The doctor takes care to weaken solely these muscles, in order to preserve the natural facial expressions.

The application takes a short time, usually less than 15 minutes.

The amount of the product depends on facial features, number and the depth of the wrinkles, and is determined by the doctor during the examination.

The effects are visible after a few days, while the full effect is achieved after about two weeks.

The duration varies and depends on the individual characteristics of each patient. In most cases, optimal results last for 4 to 6 months.

The treatment can be repeated an unlimited number of times, taking into account the observance of the adequate time interval between treatments. Each subsequent time, the effect is longer.

Treatment does not require a recovery period, you can immediately return to your daily obligations.

The treatment is not performed in cases of infection of the injection areas.

Treatment is not performed on persons who are allergic to any of the ingredients of the product.

Treatment is not recommended for pregnant or women who breastfeed.

When applied in small quantities and to precisely-defined locations, there are no unwanted side effects. The most common side effects are headache, temporary drooping of eyelids and dizziness. These side effects are rare and, if they occur, go away within a few days.

Undesired consequences may occur in cases of using a defective product or when the physician is not familiar with the anatomy and musculature of the face and has no experience in applying the product.

Before injecting the product, an anesthetic cream is applied to the locations where the injections will be administered to make the treatment as pleasant as possible.

If the product is administered by an experienced doctor, to the right places, and at a precise concentration, there is no danger of a “plastic” or “frozen” appearance. Mimicry and muscle mobility will be preserved.


Ideal candidates for the treatment are people who notice unwanted lines and wrinkles on their face and want to refresh their face.
In people with very pronounced and deep wrinkles, the procedure will not completely erase them, and is recommended in combination with hyaluronic dermal fillers.
Also, the ideal candidates are all those who still don’t have wrinkles, and wish to delay their formation.
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Capillary and hyperpigmentation removal: full face and neck


Body mesotherapy-lipolysis: stomach

from 4.000

Botox - Allergan, Dysport


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Full face and neck


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